World famous music magazines feature works created by artist Ts.Davaajargal

Art & Culture
2020-04-08 15:21:40

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A London based Chinabot music platform uploaded experimental soundscape work digital album titled ‘Re-exist’ released by singer of Mohanik band, composer and contemporary artist Ts.Davaajargal, on its website in March this year.

The record is comprised of soundscape works created by Ts.Davaajargal in the last 4-5 years and is being sold through bandcamp online platform. Chinabot is an international popular label, which collaborates with Asian artists who are creating new and unique works combining traditional and modern music.

The ‘Re-exist’ album has been sold out within less than one month  since its release and the world largest music magazines such as British The Wire Magazine, Independent Music Podcast, Album of the Year, Holland’s Music Meter and France's Radio Campus Orleans, published news and articles about his album as well as over 20 music platforms such as Discogs, Spotify, Rate Your Music, I Heart Radio, KKBox, Hungama, Yandex Music, Last FM, Polskie Radio presented the album.

The magazines highlighted that these works by Ts.Davaajargal are unique and have shamanistic rhythm, containing its traditional feature.

While, Chinabot label website wrote “The ambient soundscape gives modern form to traditional Mongolian instruments and belief systems. The record uses punk, psychedelic and noise alongside folk techniques to explore the concept of continuous space.”

The International journal ‘Album of the Year’ wrote "Recently, Mongolian rock band ‘The Hu’ has made great success on the world stage while here comes another surprise. Mongolian music art seems rich. The works are unique and it is special as conserving their national tradition until now."