Mongolian circus artists conclude 5-year contract to tour Europe

Art & Culture
2020-02-19 13:51:25

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Artists of ‘NOMADE’ concert that organized by ‘Angels’ modern circus came back to their home land on February 12, completing their 2-month performance on the stage of world-famous French circus ‘Cirque Phénix’ and tour concerts in nine cities of France as well as Geneva, Switzerland.

During the reception after the concert, France’s Minister of Culture said that 2020 is marking the 55th diplomatic anniversary between Mongolia and France. This is a pleasant event that Mongolian artists are performing complex and wonderful works that contain Mongolian heritage, customs, arts and culture to the people of France in this special period. I truly admired Mongolians’ custom and culture by experiencing ‘Nomad’ concert which brought enormous success.

“As the concerts showed great success than his expectation, Director of ‘Cirque Phénix’ Mr. Alain Pacherie decided to collaborate with Mongolian circus artists for five years, agreeing to organize next tour concerts in European countries and scheduling some of them. This is a great opportunity for the circus artists. We are happy to promote Mongolia to the world through it,” said B.Orgilbold, director of ‘Angels’ Circus.

There are many things to do further including upgrading quality of our performances and renewing clothes and equipment for the concert, he added.