Parliament Speaker assures enough supply of food essentials

2020-02-17 21:41:20

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On February 17, Parliament Speaker G.Zandanshatar visited pharmacies and food markets in Ulaanbaatar city to check on the sufficiency of face masks and sterilization products and prices of meat products. 

Some pharmacies the Speaker dropped by had sold out of face masks and pharmacy retailers have been pointing out the shortage of face mask supplies. 

Traders at ‘Bumbugur’ market said that because of some fake news and misinformation on Covid-19 outbreak circling around social media, some residents rushed to stock up on grocery products and essential food items, causing the prices to go up slightly. Concerning this, Parliament Speaker ordered the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry and the Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer protection to take necessary steps to prevent from further price surging. 

Assuring that there is no problem in domestic and foreign supplies of food and meat products and no risk of running a shortage of essential items in Mongolia during the coronavirus outbreak in the world, Parliament Speaker urged the public to remain calm amid coronavirus outbreak fear. 

In the necessity to increase face mask and sterilization products supplies, Parliament Speaker informed that four large and household units are currently producing face masks under contracts with the government. "The government is also focusing on not to spark prices to surge" said Speaker G.Zandanshatar. 

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