‘Heritage overspread in the world’ exhibition running

Art & Culture
2019-12-04 17:48:19

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ ‘Heritage overspread in the world’ exhibition opened at the Mongolian Theater Museum on December 3.

Cultural Honored Figure, throat singer and Tsuur player E.Baatarjav has displayed photos and videos that tell his 30 years of work, tours around the world, books written by him and his musical instruments at the exhibition. As of now, E.Baatarjav traveled  over 90 countries, performing epic poems and studying epic poems of the countries he visited.  

“There were around 500-700 epic poems in Mongolia. Though scholars studied over 270 epic poems, only 150 of them are available to be read and performed. Number of epic storytellers are decreasing while study of epic poetry lags behind in Mongolia. As I studied, Mongolia has the largest number of epic poems,” E.Baatarjav noted.

Ambassador of the United States to Mongolia Michael Klecheski said that he gets to have interest in epic poems of Mongolia. It is quite similar to epic poems performed by Native Americans. "Through the exhibition, I enriched my understanding about epic poems of Mongolia more. E.Baatarjav is an extremely talented man who acquired several musical instruments such as Tsuur, flute and horse head fiddle besides performing throat singing and epic poems.”

The exhibition will run until December 7 at the Mongolian Theater Museum.