The Hu to be awarded Order of Chinggis Khaan

Art & Culture
2019-11-18 11:58:10

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Today, Chief of Staff of the President of Mongolia Z.Enkhbold announced that Mongolian rock band The Hu will become the next laureate of the supreme state prize - the Order of Chinggis Khaan. By the decree of the President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga, The Hu band will become the 12th recipient of the highest and the most prestigious award in Mongolia. The award ceremony will be organized at the State House on the day of the 857th birth anniversary of Chinggis Khaan. 

The Chief of Staff was briefing the members of the media on the choosing of the recipient of the Chinggis Khaan Order and the celebration of the Proclamation Day, November 26, and the Birth Anniversary of Chinggis Khaan, which falls on November 27 this year. The traditional wrestling tournaments held on these occasions will be joined, and a wrestling tournament of 128 wrestlers will be held on November 27. 

The Chief of Staff said in his speech:

“On the National Pride Day, the birthday of Chinggis Khaan, the first-class state decoration of Mongolia—the Chinggis Khaan Order—is conferred on distinguished citizens who made invaluable contributions to strengthening the independence and sovereignty of Mongolia and the unity of the people and promoting the historical and cultural heritages of Mongolia to the future generations and to the world, and performed great deeds for the state, community, and the nation". 

"I am pleased to announce the President’s decision to confer the Chinggis Khaan Order on the Hu Band, a music group that has been promoting a positive image of our country and the wonderful traditional music around the world and bringing a unique tone into the cultural repertoire of humanity". 

Composed of 11 members, the Hu Band makes music in the ‘hunnu rock’ genre.

State Honored Artist of Mongolia B.Dashdondog – Founder and Producer

Ts.Nadmidtulga – Manager

Brandon Friesen – Manager

Ts.Galbadrakh – Band Leader, ‘Ayanga’ Morin Khuur, ‘Kharkhiraa’ Khoomei

G.Nyamjantsan – ‘Tumur’ Khuur, Tsuur, Khoomei

B.Enkhsaikhan – ‘Gal’ Morin Khuur, Khoomei

N.Temuulen – Tovshuur

G.Odbayar – Drums

A.Jambaldorj – Lead Guitar

B.Batkhuu – Bass Guitar

M.Unumunkh – Percussion

Founder and Producer B.Dashdondog conceived, then studied the idea of the band, its music, and the music genre for nine years since 2009. His roles in the making of the band have included coming up with the basic sound of the ‘hunnu rock’ style, developing the pitch, bringing the band together, improving their performing methods, composing songs, transforming the singing style into contemporary rock, designing the musical instrument, and determining the image of the band members.

Since being released later 2018, the Hu Band’s music gained recognition in a short amount of time, creating a new tone and mood with Mongolian characteristics in the global music industry.

Within a year, their first track titled ‘Yuve Yuve Yuv?’ received over 26 million views, followed by the ‘Wolf Totem’ with around 20 million views, thus proclaiming the ‘hunnu rock’ style to the ears of the world. Starting in June, 2019, the band successfully made its first tour with performances at 23 music festivals in 13 European cities and is now touring in the United States and Canada, having played over 60 shows. The Hu Band became the first act of the last decade to perform for a full audience at a rock festival in the United Kingdom, as a first-time performer.

Even in the areas of international relations and diplomacy, positive implications have been observed in the form of correction of the spelling of the name of Chinggis Khaan by the international community, with the release of the Hu’s track by the name this year.  Furthermore, many Mongolians living in European countries have cited warm reception of the Hu Band’s Europe tour.

The band’s debut album “Gerege”, released this September, has been leading global music charts.

I would like to congratulate and thank the members of the band for promoting the new musical genre of “hunnu rock”, which was created building on the glory of the Great Chinggis Khaan, his empire, and our ancestors, the proud history and the rich cultural and musical heritage and for upholding the good name of Mongolia and a Mongolian.”