World Financial History Museum opens in Mongolia

2019-10-31 18:40:56

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Economist U.Ganzorig opened on October 23 the ‘World Financial History Museum’ that displays numerous rarest and authentic financial instruments by mankind. It makes Ulaanbaatar to be one of few capitals of the world to have financial history museum.  

The museum showcases more than 1000 rarest, unique and invaluable exhibits. With the significance of its historical and cultural heritage, the Museum is highlighted to be high-grade and competitive with other similar museums in the U.S., UK and China.

The perceptions of economics such as bonds, insurance, banks and capital market that are not easily understandable to unprofessional people are explained in Mongolian and English with diagrams, artistic depictions and digital game.

In duration of his teaching and lecturing to public, students and financial specialists since 2003 for improvement of financial education, economist U.Ganzorig, founder of the museum, noticed that it is more understandable to people if complicated financial and economic perceptions are explained with connection of their histories. As a result of his persistent effort of 13 years, he has collected the exhibits and made it available for public.  

In his opening speech, U.Ganzorig said, “I am very happy to note that Mongolians are now available to enjoy watching world financial history at once, especially in Ulaanbaatar city. I have spent 13 years for this moment.”