‘Green technology-Green loan’ forum begins

2019-10-25 17:09:08

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. ‘Green technology, Green Loan’ Forum & Exhibition which aims to promote human health and eco-friendly technology and products, kicked off at Tuushin Hotel today.

Being co-organized by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and Xac Bank, the forum- and exhibition offers people to get acquainted with energy efficient electrical heater, floor heater, air purifier and sewage treatment facility and ‘Green loan’ service.

Beginning last September, soft loans up to MNT40 million started to be issued to citizens and entities  through Xac Bank, Khan Bank, and State Bank for the purchase of products such as electric heater, home insulation materials and eco-toilet. Moreover, entities that are capable to serve more than 100 tourists per day are eligible to receive loans up to MNT200 million for waste water treatment facility, water purifier, insulation product and heater.

Ts.Tsengel, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, said “The Ministry is holding a policy to support entities which are implementing eco-friendly and innovative businesses. As a result of previous forums, 41 entities that import innovative facilities and equipment were given customs duties reduction worth MNT 54 billion.”

Annual interest of the Green Loan is 8-9 percent and the government has allocated MNT 3.75 billion for it. Currently, over 20 citizens and entities have received the green loan.