Mid-term assessment on ‘Whole Liver-Mongolia’ national program ongoing

2019-08-28 11:20:40

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The mid-term assessment of the national program, ‘Whole Liver-Mongolia’, is jointly being done by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization. In the framework of the assessment, corresponding officials of the ministry, WHO and the National Center for Noncommunicable Diseases worked at the National Blood Center, and did assessments on three issues: ‘Safety of blood and blood products, storage, infection control, sterilization and disinfection, and waste’, ‘Laboratory operations’, and ‘Immunization, prevention after infection, donor training and promotion’.

The assessment was conducted by WHO consultant, Dr. Yuka Jinnai, specialist at the Ministry of Health S.Enkhjin, specialist at the WHO Mongolia Office P.Anuzaya and specialist at the National Center for Noncommunicable Diseases.