Auto Recycling Center to be built in Nalaikh

2019-07-16 15:57:05

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ South Korea invested Mongol Auto Recycle Park LLC is to establish an auto recycling center at the Nalaikh Industrial and Technology Park of Building Materials. The center's construction will be commenced in September 2019 and expected to be completed within first quarter of 2020.

The center will run its operation in directions of collecting and dismantling over 5000 outdated vehicles a year, sorting its spare parts, reusing, recycling and eliminating them with the help of up-to-date advanced technologies.  By operating the center, outdated vehicles will be purchased from citizens at certain prices depending on the vehicle's technical safety and will be fully eliminated and recycled.

To reduce adverse impact of vehicle waste to human health and environment, enhance waste management, sort and reuse waste and develop outdated vehicle recycling, a memorandum of cooperation has been established between the Ministry of Road and Transport Development and Mongol Auto Recycle Park LLC.