Cabinet meeting news in brief

2019-06-19 17:51:36

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At its regular meeting on June 19, the Cabinet made the following decisions.

-    Ministers B.Enkh-Amgalan and Ch.Khurelbaatar were assigned to raise at the cabinet meeting an issue of resolving funding for repairs of Ulaanbaatar-Mandalgobi and Ulaanbaatar-Arvaikheer roads, which sustained heavy damage due to the recent downpours, from the Government reserve and to carry out repair works promptly.

-    The Cabinet allowed to establish a concession agreement with Morit Impex LLC for the project on supplying industrial water to mining projects in the gobi region. The government will not give any financial support or guarantee and the water pipelines will be transferred with no charge when the agreement expires.


-   The Cabinet approved the establishment of a concession agreement on construction of Tavantolgoi-Manlai-Khangi paved road with Takhilt Trans LLC under a design-build-operate-transfer arrangement.

-    The National Development Agency was tasked to terminate the concession agreements signed with Chinggis Land Development Group-New Development Road LLC and Zasag Chandmani Mines LLC that failed to fulfill their duties. Chinggis Land Development Group-New Development Road was supposed to build a highway connecting Altanbulag, Ulaanbaatar and Zamyn-Uud and the latter – a 130 km paved road between Sainshand and Delgerekh soums of Dornogobi aimag.

-    Invalidating 368 standards, it was decided to renew 2,074 standards and redevelop 591 standards. Last year, over 6,200 standards in effect underwent state inspection.