Slovenia proposes to assemble ultralight aircraft in Mongolia

2019-03-13 16:32:31

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In October 2018, Slovenian light aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel made a proposal to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Mongolia to assemble ultralight aircraft in Mongolia.

Following the proposal on assembling Pipistrel aircraft in Mongolia, exporting the aircraft to other countries and supplying its spare parts, representatives of Aircraft Maintenance Department of MIAT Mongolian Airlines and CAA have visited the company to get acquainted with Pipistrel aircraft manufacturing and operations, the project proposal to establish facility for the ‘Pipistrel Virus SW-121’ aircraft assembly and flight training.

During the visit, Pipistrel expressed its intention to establish MoU with MIAT Mongolian Airlines. Moreover, director of Slovenian Agency for Civil Aviation Mr. Rok Marolt expressed readiness to closely cooperate with Mongolia in the civil aviation sector.

Accepting the proposal will bring good socio-economic results including launching of light aircraft assembly and production at Buyant-Ukhaa airport after the commencement of the new airport in Khushigt Valley, developing Aviation industry, enhancing the development of aviation of Mongolia, meeting domestic demands and supplying to foreign markets and training pilots at home.

The deal will be finalized after the Ministry of Road and Transportation Development submits it to the Government for making a decision.