National Museum to hold special exhibition of traditional games

2019-02-11 13:01:34

For the celebration of the Mongolian Lunar New Year, the National Museum of Mongolia is to hold special exhibition ‘Traditional Mongolian Games’ from February 1 to March 15.


The exhibition will present over 100 games and archeological findings related to traditional games including ones that date back to Xianbei state and Uyghur Khaganate.

It will also allow children to play with traditional games and attend an educational program of the museum. Specifically, children will learn about traditional games' origin, history, types and ways to make and play. 

Traditional games play a significant role to increase children’s brain power and curiosity, strengthen their hand muscles as well as help children become more sociable. They have been created reflecting the characteristics of the nomadic lifestyle of Mongolians, their relationship with mother earth, rituals, morality and intelligence from the ancient times.  

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