Neonatal Pathology Unit opens at Regional Diagnostic Treatment Center in Khovd

2019-01-30 12:22:45

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Regional Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Khovd Aimag opened a new Neonatal Pathology Unit on January 23. Some 30 equipment of 16 types were installed in the department, which has 6 rooms and 8 beds for infection treatment of neonates under 28 days of age.

Equipped with other essential medical devices and medicines for neonatal care the unit will provide medical services with a total staff of 15 people, including 5 specialized doctors and 10 specialized nurses. In Khovd aimag, under-5 mortality rate is 19.1 percent, infant mortality rate is 14.9 percent and perinatal death rate is 14.3 percent, which means higher than the national average.

Therefore, to reduce infant infection rate and mortality, especially to improve neonatology service Neonatal Pathology Unit was established by the order A | 49, dated 31 December 2018, by the Director of the Regional Diagnostic Center. 

84.7 percent of pregnant women in the province deliver their babies in the Regional Diagnostic and Treatment Center.  Last year, 17 neonatal mortality cases were registered, of which 14 were premature births. “Therefore, our unit will focus on reducing infant infection and mortality,” underlined Head of the department and infant physician Ts.Solongo.

The establishment of Neonatal Pathology Unit at the Diagnosis and Diagnostic Center is significant to ensure quality and accessible delivery of specialized healthcare services to infants and for early detection and treatment of neonatal disorders.