Local producer makes sheepskin cover for ger

2019-01-18 14:44:10

Zavkhan /MONTSAME/ Sheepskin cover for Mongol ger has been selected as the special product during a fair for Tsagaan Sar holiday named ‘The Joined Power - Gate to Development’ organized in Zavkhan aimag, reported on January 17.


Successfully held for the fourth time, more than 300 women from 24 soums of Zavkhan aimag participated in the fair, making sells of over MNT 100 million.

Inventor of the sheepskin cover D.Amarjargal said that three years ago she planned to make roof ring and wall covers with sheepskin. Since she launched the work last November, Amarjargal has made covers for roof ring and wall for two middle-sized ger A middle-sized roof ring cover is made with 100 sheepskins while a wall cover is made with 20.

“Since the product is not made for wearing like clothes, there is no need to over flatten the sheepskin. It is enough to let the sheepskin soak in ant acid and flatten out the sheepskin using a setting out machine. Sheepskin cover has advantages including warm and lighter than felt. Moreover, it doesn’t attract moths owing to the fact that it is produced by soaking in ant acid.”, the producer noted.


According to her, demand of the sheepskin covers has been high.