Mongolian Gobi to be presented through new series

2018-11-07 15:57:37

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Khureelen (environment) wildlife documentary series and the 10th anniversary of Energy Resource LLC of starting its operation in Umnugobi aimag, a special project named ‘Five Wonders of Gobi’ is to be launched.


The special documentary series will be hosted by representatives from five different fields.


Synchrony Project leader U.Ganbayar : “On the occasion of 10th anniversary of its operation in Umnugobi aimag, Energy Resource LLC put forward a request to create special series. We have experiences of five years in taking photos of wild animals and making wildlife documentary. Knowledge is a powerful weapon to preserve nature. Therefore, we are launching the project to spread knowledge about Gobi region to the public within our social responsibility”.


Bio-diversity, uniqueness of landscape and ecosystem of Gobi will be presented through five episodes. For instance, they plan to make two episodes with theme of mammals of Gobi including Gobi bear (mazaalai), snow leopard, khulan (Wild Ass), goitered or black-tailed gazelle and other Gobi species; one episode about history of Gobi, landscape features, and climate; and another one about plants, insects, soil and water in the Gobi.

The project will be hosted by State Honored Athlete and mountaineer B.Gangaamaa; Artist and Producer T.Barkhuu, cartoonist S.Tsogbayar; leader of Nikiton group Batchuluun; Writer, Poet and State Honored Cultural Figure T.Ayurzana. They are currently discussing the theme selection.

Synchrony B.Gangaamaa: “I received an offer to host a new project about 10 days ago. As a person who loves animals and wants to protect the environment, I love to watch Khureelen wildlife documentary series. As the offer aligned with my wishes and interest, I accepted the offer. I am afraid of insects so I told the organizers that I would like to host an episode about big animals”.

Synchrony T.Barkhuu: “We are discussing the themes. Each episode has its own character. For me, I want to learn more about the protected animals such as Gobi bear, snow leopard, seeing them in the wild and make the people aware of them”.

In the frames of the new project, production equipment such as photo and video cameras of Khureelen project has been fully renovated with new ones to improve the content quality and draw the public and international attention to Mongolian Gobi.

The filming will start in November, 2018. One episode is planned to last for 30 minutes and the special documentary series will be aired starting from May, 2019.

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