President Kh.Battulga attends opening of new archery field

2018-08-02 12:35:00
Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga attended and gave remarks at the inauguration ceremony of a new archery field in the National Park on August 1.  The archery field was built within 60 days in frames of a project named 360, financed by donations of citizens and entities. The Archery Field-360 is open to both professional and amateur archers.

President Battulga said, “We are gathered here today to witness an event that is opening a new page in the 58- year history of development of modern archery as a sport in Mongolia. The Mongols are recognized for their invention and use of a composite bow in the world history of weapons. As a nation that has practiced archery as part of a traditional culture, Mongolia developed archery as a sport, and welcomed the first Mongolian World Champion and the first Mongolian Paralympic Champion in archery. According to re searchers, there are three prerequisites for being successful in a sport: tradition, training and talent.”

“The training part, which was uneven until today, has been remedied thanks to people who love and support sports. Let me thank all the contributors of the building of this archery field again and again. Our archers now have an international standard and environment-friendly archery field for their training. The archery field, which opens today, has been built in such a short amount of time as a result of management that combined coordination of seniors’ experience, adults’ efforts and youths’ aspiration with experience exchange and mutual support in the construction work. May many continent, world, and Olympic champions be born on this archery field, built by joint efforts and united spirits of Mongolians, to glorify their nation.”