Cabinet approves Naadam budget at MNT 2.9 billion

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2018-05-30 14:46:01
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ During its regular meeting on May 30, the Cabinet approved the budget of 2227th anniversary of Statehood, 812th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire and 97th anniversary of Mongolian People’s Revolution and Naadam festival at MNT 2 billion and 981 million.
MNT 2 billion and 90 million will be allocated from the Government’s reserve fund, MNT 390 million from last year's Naadam income and the remaining MNT 500 million from Ulaanbaatar city budget.

Naadam festival Organizing Committee submitted budget proposal of Naadam festival at MNT 3 billion and 945 million.
This year, the budget of National Naadam festival is lower by MNT 60 million compared to the last year’s MNT 3 billion and 40 million.