Comprehensive actions planned for land reform

2018-08-22 13:08:26

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ The National Committee on Land Reform (NCLR), established by an ordinance of the Prime Minister, held its first meeting on August 20,  approving its procedure of meeting and discussing NCLR’s action plan and the draft of general plan of state land organization.

At the meeting, Prime Minister and head of NCLR U. Khurelsukh underlined a necessity to regulate the latest relations regarding land utilization, possession and ownership and consolidate other relevant social relations.

“Land is premise of the independence. It is time to arrange problems arisen due to disordered land allocation of previous years. Land-related disputes in both of city and rural areas may be hazardous to lives. We need to solve the problem urgently by discussing from multiple views and taking coherent measures. It prioritizes conducting a land use inventory throughout Mongolia’s territory and updating land database,” said PM.
NCLR members considered that it is necessary to improve the citizens’ awareness and knowledge about package laws on land. They said that it is necessary to take legal actions on individuals and entities that violated the laws, and confiscate the land that was possessed without proper license. “For instance, a total of 137 entities were allocated over 160 thousand hectares of land in Khuvsgul aimag; however, they fenced 600 thousand hectares of land in total. This is a clear evidence of people violating the laws. In this case, we need to ensure equal opportunity to other citizens who want to own land by taking back the extra land that was fenced by business entities.”

The NCLR members approved its 2018 action plan, which reflects all-round issues regarding land relations such as to conduct land use inventory on Mongolian territory, establish National Council on geographical names, review boundaries of administrative and territorial units, discuss a draft of State Policy on land relations, establish ‘address information consolidated  system’ as well as others.

The NCLR, consisting of ministers and heads of relevant agencies and departments, is responsible for providing unified management and ensuring implementations of land reform-related resolutions, policy documents and action plan of the parliament and government and international conventions.