Mongolian cultural day takes place in Paris

Art & Culture
2018-03-05 10:46:24
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ An event to promote Mongolian art, literature and customs was held in Paris, France by the Embassy of Mongolia in France, ‘Umardiin Mongolchuud Association’ and the 10th district of Paris.

In his opening speech advisor for the Embassy E.Yesuhei briefed about tradition and history of bilateral ties between the two countries and the current state.  Authorities of the 10th district of Paris expressed their gratitude for giving opportunity to get acquainted with Mongolian special culture and customs.  
At the event Mongolian children sang their national anthem, translator R.Munkhzul made presentation on history and main representatives of Mongolian literature. A  Mongolian folk dance and song concert and exhibition of Mongolian painters were held. Moreover, Knuckle-bone Shooting Union in France introduced principles and rules of knuckle-bone shooting, and other popular games and Mongolian wrestler’s costume to the guests.