Experience on using solar energy in construction learning from German

2018-02-05 14:38:01
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Training themed ‘Using solar energy in construction’ launched today with aims to train Mongolian engineers and to learn from international practices.

Co-organized by BFZ training center of Bavaria, German, the Mongolian Ministry of Construction and Urban Development and Construction Development Center, the training brought together more than 50 engineers of national construction companies. The attendees are studying experiences from German experts in tackling energy-related challenges in construction sphere under Mongolia's climate conditions. It will also enable them to share what they have learnt here to other engineers and even hold regular trainings, noted the organizers.

During the training, Minister of Construction and Urban Development Kh.Badelkhan requested attendees to conduct a research on using solar energy in re-planning ger area and housing.

A total 270-300 days of the year are clear in Mongolia, and an average sunshine duration time is 2250-3300 hours a year. It means solar energy reserves are estimated at 4.8 trillion KWT, as presented by specialists.