Acting Minister A.Tsogtsetseg meets doctors

2017-10-20 10:44:43
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Acting Minister of Health A.Tsogtsetseg and Acting Deputy Minister L.Byambasuren met Thursday medical doctors who will study abroad this year.

In the frameworks of goals of providing Mongolians with conditions to receive high-standard medical treatment home and to minimize the number of Mongolians going abroad for medical services. In order to cure 28 illnesses or diseases home, the Ministry of Health has given certificates to doctor for studying in Japan, South Korea, Russia, USA and India. In the first turn, 49 doctors will be trained abroad, 26 of them in South Korea, 11--in India, eight--in Japan and four--in Russia.

Acting Minister A.Tsogtsetseg said it is important for doctors to well learn operating advanced technologies and devices in order to render high-standard medical services to Mongolians. She underlined the administration of medical organizations should improve the working conditions for doctors by allotting money in the 2018 budget for purchasing equipment and devices.
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