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2017-06-16 16:08:37
True artists never back down; they understand that they are the sons and daughters of a nation.  Many Mongolian artists are acknowledged around the world and they glorify Mongolia's talented people.  
Start line and cinema

Actor Amarsaikhan Baljinnyam is one of the new talents in contemporary Mongolian cinema distinguished for his fresh profile and appeal, and who has accomplished what no one else has.  By portraying Ariq Boke, Khubilai Khaan’s brother in the Netflix historical series ‘Marco Polo’, Amarsaikhan became the first Mongolian actor to star in a Hollywood cinema.  However, the actor-producer had already won his rightful place in modern Mongolian cinema with his highly-acclaimed movies 'Thief of the Mind' (2011) and 'Trapped Abroad' (2014).  In 2016, his latest production 'The Faith' was particularly appreciated by local audiences.  Most importantly, Mongolia is proud of its son for he proved the potential of Mongolian actors despite the small local industry and that Mongolian cinema can be recognized for its individual talents.
Actress Ankhnyam Ragchaa is internationally well-known for her supporting role as Galsmaa in the 2015 movie 'Wolf Totem', the screen adaptation of the same titled best-selling novel by Chinese writer Jiang Rong directed by French Director Jean-Jacques Annaud.  The movie received a number of positive reviews from the international press; “With its sweeping Mongolian panoramas and majestic real-life wolf packs, 'Wolf Totem' should lure nature-lovers into the theater”, wrote the Washington Post.
Director Byamba Sakhya is a must on our list for his valuable contribution to Mongolian cinema.  His first feature film 'Remote Control' (2013) won the New Currents prize at the 18th edition of the Busan International Film Festival (IFF) in the Republic of Korea, the Award for Best Feature Film at the 2014 Anonimul IFF, Romania, and was nominated for the Hubert Bals Fund Lions Film Award at the 2014 Rotterdam IFF, in the Netherlands.  The movie’s screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival attracted some 600 viewers and was screened at a number of international film festivals around the world.  With his successful debut, Byamba pioneered new possibilities for Mongolian cinema.
More examples of the potentials for Mongolian cinema include the debut of more Mongolian actors into Hollywood… specifically A.Tsegmid, Ts.Tserenbold and A.Bayartsetseg in the ‘Marco Polo’ series, and Director Z.Batbileg’s short film ‘The Singer from the Taiga’.  These films point to a starting line; and as long as our country continues to exist, there’s no finish line. 

This is an excerpt from an article originally appeared on the Mongolia Today magazine's issue No. 1 /40/ for January - March 2017. 
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