Established painter holds solo exhibition on 70th birthday

The Mongol Messenger
2017-04-24 10:43:59
On April 13, a solo exhibition of renowned painter Sanchir Namkhaitseren, member of the Union of Mongolian Artists opened at the Art Gallery of Union of Mongolian Artists to commemorate the painter’s 70th birth anniversary.
Over 100 extraordinary artworks, including lifelike portraits, were displayed at the exhibition mirroring the artist’s imaginative and creative mind.  For instance, Sanchir's paintings named 'Soyombo' (National emblem), 'Hero', 'D.Namdag' and 'Face' which aren’t bound by any specific painting style such as the traditional Mongolian approach to painting were on public display.
His works are created with confidence using his own unique expression to unveil an aesthetic nature and mutual understanding of human souls as well as different types of human behavior.
Sanchir is the son of State Prize Laureate and People’s Painter L.Namkhaitseren, who was the first director of the Mongolian State Opera and Dance Theatre.  But it’s clear to anybody who’s seen his works that he indeed built his name by himself in the fine arts community of Mongolia.
“In Sanchir’s portraits, we can see his unusual esthetics such as co-infiltration of beings and human psychology.  The artist is not only able to present a tender look, but also horror, sympathy, and infinite empathy, just as Buddhists designate Avalokitesvara.  In his drawings there are original traces; it isn’t a Renaissance drawing but a precise correspondence of anatomy.  He shows a great amount of respect for nature of the highest beings and the desire to clear the soul and a body from evil”, wrote late Miroslav Klivar, Doctor and Professor at World Distributed University, Brussels about his works. “The artist is able to open and close space, continue forms of architecture, and insert knowledge and feelings in a modern style”, he added.
Not only is this Sanchir’s fourth solo exhibition in Mongolia, he also organized solo exhibitions in countries such as the US, the Republic of Korea, the Czech Republic and Germany since his first ever solo exhibition in Ulaanbaatar in 1989.  Since his debut as a painter at an exhibition held in the Russian Federation in 1978, Sanchir showcased his works in some 24 exhibitions, inclusive of joint exhibitions up until now.  The exhibition closed on April 20.
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