Copper concentrate plant to be built in Umnugobi

2017-03-16 08:59:30

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ During its regular meeting on March 15, the Cabinet discussed and approved a proposal made by the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry regarding the establishment of a copper concentrate plant in Khanbogd soum of Umnugobi aimag.

Minister for Mining and Heavy Industry Ts.Dashdorj was assigned to select an investor to cooperate on the establishment of the plant and hold talks.

Not less than 10 percent of the plant’s shares will be owned by the Government of Mongolia without making investment, and corresponding Ministers were also ordered to ensure Government representation in the ownership of the plant.

Also, Minister for Environment and Tourism D.Oyunkhorol was tasked to seek possible variants to comply the works of Oyu Tolgoi concentrator, Tavan Tolgoi coal washing plant, Tavan Tolgoi power plant and the copper concentrate plant with ‘Orkhon Gobi’, ‘Kherlen Gobi’ and ‘Ongi Gobi’ projects, and have the matter discussed by the Cabinet.

The Khanbogd copper concentrate plant will have an annual capacity to process 1 million tons of concentrate, and is planned to be inaugurated in 2020. With consideration of several factors, corresponding specialists and the Ministry saw that such a plant should be established in Khanbogd, Umnugobi aimag, next to Oyu Tolgoi mine.