92.885 herders to receive incentive for wool supply

2017-03-03 13:28:22

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Members of herder cooperatives and citizens with livestock receive monetary incentives for wool of sheep and camel, if they supply the raw materials to national factories, according to a Parliamentary resolution of 2011 and Government resolution of 2015.

A total of 92.885 herders and legal bodies with livestock in 21 provinces and Ulaanbaatar submitted their requests to get incentive for 20.599 tons of wool to Livestock Protection Fund under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry.

Incentives of MNT22.6 billion have been transferred to herders’ bank accounts through Bank of Mongolia, after checking the data.

‘Legal environment to give incentives to livestock origin raw materials was created when the Parliament approved resolution No.30 on “Some measures to support national producers and increase jobs” in 2011. This action has brought many positive results. For example, a mechanism to supply wool to national processing factories has been developed, factories get to have sufficient raw materials and production of value-added wool products has been increased. And new processing factories of wool washing, wool thread, felt, insulation material for construction have been established” said director of Livestock protection fund B.Ganzorig.  

The incentive amount of this year has increased by MNT3.3billion compared to last year’s. 413 thousand herders have received incentives of MNT112.7 billion for 71 thousand tons of wool since 2011.

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