State greetings on Lunar New Year

2017-02-27 17:47:18

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On the morning of the first day of  the “Red Fire Rooster” year of lunar horoscope, the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj paid his respect to the “Yusun Khult Tsagaan Tug” (Nine White Banners).

The President then visited the State House for the bow resting ceremony, which was followed by the greetings of the Parliament Speaker M.Enkhbold and Prime Minister J.Erdenebat to the Mongolian President and exchanges of "Khuurug".

After the greetings, the State Honored Artist Ts.Tserendorj played a Morin Khuur instrument (horse head fiddle), extending his praise towards the people of Mongolia.

Later on, Gavj  Yo.Amgalan of the Gandan Monastery and Khamba Lama Ch.Dambajav of the Daschoilin Monastery arrived at the State House to greet the President, Parliament Speaker and Prime Minster, as well as to discuss the envisions of the year of Red Fire Rooster. The Khamba Lama foretold that Mongolia will have proseprous development and its people will have high ‘khiimori’ (“wind horse” in Mongolian, meaning spirit and might of mind and soul) in the year of Red Fire Rooster.