Study on foreign policy decision making concluded

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2017-01-03 17:38:05

By an order of the Center for Policy Research of School of International Relations and Public Administration (SIRPA), National University of Mongolia (NUM), the research team led by State Merit Lawyer, Ambassador, Dr. J.Enkhsaikhan has successfully implemented a research project titled ‘Upgrading the foreign policy decision-making mechanism of Mongolia’.

An outcome of the collective efforts of Ambassador L.Udval, researcher G.Amartuvshin, senior faculty G.Baasankhuu and associate researcher U.Munkh-Orgil since September 1, the new study concluded on December 15. The result of the study will be published as a booklet which the researchers hope will become an important research source written on the topic concerning the attributes of Mongolia’s foreign policy decision making mechanism and its improvisation.

The research project primarily aimed at accurately identifying real challenges observed in the mechanism and decision-making process of the foreign policy of Mongolia, seeking chances to rectify clauses that aren’t in compliance with national interest, attempting to determine ways to improvise the current mechanism, and conveying recommendations to the corresponding, decision-making bodies on how to improvise Mongolia’s mechanism for foreign policy decision-making. In order to evaluate the current scenario, the research studied relevant legislature documents and acts constituting the legal environment surrounding the foreign policy decision making mechanism in Mongolia.

Using creative and productive methods such as taking individual interviews from former higher officials who were part of foreign policy decision making, organizing periodical discussions engaging relevant specialists from public organizations and holding joint meetings with specialized experts working in Mongolian legal sector, the research intended to identify real challenges and obstacles in the existing foreign policy decision making mechanism, and make an objective evaluation.

In addition to interviews with former Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia Ts.Gombosuren, L.Erdenechuluun and S.Oyun, discussions and meetings that took place in frames of the project include national-level forum on legal environment surrounding decision making mechanism in foreign policy which took place on October 15, extended forum under the theme ‘Improving responsibility in foreign policy decision making mechanism’ which took place on November 2, and ‘Upgrading foreign policy decision making mechanism’ forum which was held on November 17 in cooperation with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Security and Foreign Policy.

The research team has accomplished certain tasks including summarizing the synopses came out of the evaluation on the legislature dealing with the foreign policy decision making mechanism and recommendations made by the forums, emphasizing on the issues of main focus, and coming up with a recommendation directed at upgrading accountability in decision making process and taking measures  to prevent  possible neglect of duty.

The project team has also taken several steps to introduce the outcome of their work such as publishing a simplified article titled ‘Upgrading the foreign policy decision making mechanism of Mongolia’ in the first edition of ‘Policy Update’ magazine published by the Center for Policy Research and delivering a presentation under the same title at the international academic conference themed ‘International Relations: Training and Research and Mongolia’ which was held on December 1 in connection with the 25th anniversary of the School of International Relations and Public Administration of NUM.  Moreover, an open lecture under the theme ‘Current state of Mongolia’s foreign policy decision making mechanism, need for upgrading and importance of research’ was delivered to the students of SIRPA with followed dialogue on December 12.



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