Memory athletes set world record at Asia Open Memory Championships

2017-08-28 11:00:09
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The 2nd Asia Open Memory Championships 2017 took place in Hong Kong between August 26 and 27. Memory athletes from Mongolian Intellectual Academy brought home 18 medals from the tournament as of August 26.

From a total of 27 medals in the three categories took place on August 26, Mongolian athletes snatched 18 and set four new world records at the tournament. The previous record of binary numbers was set by Swedish mind athlete Marvin Wallonius, who memorized 5040 digits, in 2015. The record, which was deemed impossible to beat, was broken by N.Munkhshur. The unchallenged young athlete has set two other world records by memorizing 349 images in 5 minutes and 21 decks of cards in 30 minutes.

In the middle-age class, Lkhagvadulam memorized 16.1 decks and set the world-record in the middle-age category.