President addresses opening of ‘History of the century-Century Highlights’ photo exhibition

2021-10-27 16:06:56

President of Mongolia U.Khurelsukh addressed the opening ceremony of the ‘History of the century-Hundred Highlights’’ photo exhibition opened at the Mongolian Art Gallery on October 26 as part of the 100th anniversary celebration of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Russia.

President U.Khurelsukh noted that although the period of 100 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations is a short part of the history that Mongolia and Russia have been neighboring for a long time and having a broad relations, this has been a period of time when the two countries have been mutually recognizing their sovereignty and territorial integrity and developing equal and mutually beneficial cooperation, adhering to the new principles and norms in international relations. He also expressed his pleasure for the successful development of Mongolian-Russian cooperation in all fields of social relations in accordance with the concept of comprehensive strategic partnership.

Minister of Foreign Affairs B.Battsetseg, Chair of the Mongolia-Russia parliamentary group N.Enkhbold, and Deputy head D.Enkh-Amgalan and Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Mongolia I.K.Azizov attended the opening ceremony.

Under the auspices of the President of Mongolia, the photo exhibition is being jointly organized by the Office of the President, the Mongolian-Russian Parliamentary Group, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Mongolian-Russian Friendship Association and the Russian Center for Science and Culture.

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