Syrian refugees live in tents tested in Mongolia

2016-01-08 12:55:41

In January of last year, Mongolian Red Cross and National emergency management agency of Mongolia /NEMA/ conducted the three-week testing of winter tents for temporary living in cooperation with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies and the British Red Cross.Refugees in Syria have been living in these tents during harsh winter since July, 2015.

This multifunctio

nal and heated living tent fully meets SPHERE  international standards and easy to set up or can be erected in 30 minutes. This heat preserving, water- and fire-resistant tent with floor area of about 23 sq.m has enough living space per person and has a height of 1.8 m. The tent can withstand extreme weather conditions and wind speeds up to 90 km/h and a snow load of 30 kg per square meter. The tents also come equipped with a solar panel, daylight lamp and other equipment. Besides that, the tent has several features of having such as a door for the disabled people, floor molding and etc.

These days Turkish Red Crescent society is conducting the test of this winter tent.