“Transparency International” presents its first prize to Mongolian journalist

2015-12-09 14:55:43

The branch in Mongolia of the global civil society organisation “Transparency International” has recently established a new public award so called “Transparency award 2015”.

This international organization with head office in Berlin, Germany is leading the fight against corruption. 

The prize of this organization will be awarded to the people who have greatly contributed in ensuring transparency and combating corruption. The organization has presented its first award to Ms L.Bolormaa, Mongolian journalist who died suddenly for health reasons. Many publications written by her had  successfully uncovered corruption cases involving high ranking officials. Besides that she had worked long and hard to cover   accountability and transparency in extractive industries. The award was given to B.Aligermaa, Bolormaa’s eldest daughter.

- My mother had worked hard in order to develop journalism devoted to all aspects of mining and economy and to make this kind of journalism independent from politics and business. Just after receiving this award I thought “What would my mother say if she received the prize today?”.  I think that she would be very glad for establishing this award. She always said that everyone should have concern about the welfare and development of the country and believed that  journalists should play a larger role in it. 

The award established by the organization “Transparency International Mongolia” will be presented to those who is fighting consistently against corruption. The first award was given according to the survey conducted among the public through social networking sites and social media.