Ibexes Reintroduced to Jargalant Khairkhan Mountain

2024-06-18 10:35:32

Ulaanbaatar, June 18, 2024 /MONTSAME/. As part of the “Yangir” Project, 15 ibexes, or Siberian wild goats, have been reintroduced to the Jargalant Khairkhan Mountain of Jargalant soum of Khuvsgul aimag.

By the decision of the Minister of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia Bat-Erdene Bat-Ulzii, the “Yangir” project, aimed at preserving the balance of ecosystems and reintroducing endangered and critically endangered species to their natural habitat is being implemented for the second year. Last year, 10 ibexes were reintroduced to Jargalant Khairkhan, and another 15 have been released this year, increasing the established population.

The Project to reintroduce hoofed mammals was successfully implemented in Bulgan soum of Arkhangai aimag last year. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia informed that the Ministry completely resolved funding for this Project.

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