President Khurelsukh Visits Cheese Processing Plant of APU Dairy LLC

2023-09-12 14:53:52

Sukhbaatar, September 12, 2023 /MONTSAME/. The President of Mongolia Khurelsukh Ukhnaa recently worked in Selenge aimag, where he visited a cheese processing plant in Mandal soum of APU Dairy LLC, a dairy production facility. The newly opened "Mongolian Cheese, Shiguderi" processing plant is characterized by the fact that it is fully equipped with environmentally friendly equipment that meets European Union standards, and it is a major development within the framework of the "Food Supply and Security" National Campaign initiated by the President.


The cheese processing plant has a capacity to produce 20 percent of the domestic needs of cheese and aims to reduce import dependency and replace imported milk-free cheese by supplying organic cheese produced from Mongolian cow milk to consumers throughout the year.


Surveys show that Mongolia imports about 3,000 tons of cheese per year, or 92 percent of its domestic needs.


Advisor Tsetsgee introduced the operation of the cheese processing plant to the President noting that  "Mongolian Cheese, Shiguderi" cheese processing plant has the capacity to produce 700 tons of final products per year, receiving 8-24 tons of milk per day and it is a zero waste processing plant.


Specifically, the cheese processing plant has introduced the production technology of three types of cheese: cheddar, edam, and gouda by adapting the cheese production technology of European countries to Mongolian cow milk.


In order to increase domestic cheese production, it is important to pay attention to a number of issues such as developing the milk supply system through creating a value chain, establishing an intensive model farm, providing tax incentives to primary food processing plants, and extending the duration of milk subsidies, emphasized Chief Financial Officer of APU company G. Enkhbileg in his presentation.


President Khurelsukh thanked the national producer for joining the National Campaign "Food Supply and Security" and actively working to reduce the import of food products and provide consumers with organic products produced in the country.


"Mongolian cheese, Shiguderi" processing plant is anticipated to make a valuable contribution to the goal of fully utilizing animal milk and producing value-added products.


Also, it will affect livestock farmers to pay attention to the productivity and quality of their animals, prepare and supply good quality milk, regularly raise their income, increase employment in rural areas, produce healthy and organic food instead of imports and bring it to the world market.

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