One Third of Adults Say Their Opinion Reflected in Government Decisions

2023-06-09 16:17:38

Ulaanbaatar, June 9, 2023 /MONTSAME/. According to a random survey conducted among 4,325 adults in Mongolia, 36.6 percent responded that government takes their opinions into consideration when making decisions.

Fifty one percent of the surveyors gave a negative answer and it is the same result as the previous pilot survey, conducted by the research team in Sukhbaatar district of the capital city.  The survey, recommended by the United Nations and tested in many countries around the world was conducted nationwide by the National Academy of Governance (NAOG) and the National Statistics Office, connecting it with the data of the 2021 Household Socio-Economic Survey.

"This study, conducted using the UN methodology has created an opportunity to define the basic level of indicators for Sustainable Development Goals in Mongolia and compare it with the world data." In her presentation at the National Workshop "Effective Governance for Sustainable Development in Mongolia", Associate Professor of the NAOG Department of Public Administration J. Narantuya emphasized that the Sustainable Development Goals include equal participation of citizens in the decision-making process of the governments, reflecting their opinions effectively, and demonstrate the effectiveness of the government decision-makers.

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