European Union Implements Agricultural Projects for Ecosystem Stability

2023-05-15 20:19:50

Ulaanbaatar, May 15, 2023 /MONTSAME/. The agricultural projects carried out by the European Union in Mongolia have the primary objective of ensuring ecosystem stability. Specifically, the projects are being implemented in Yeroo, Mandal and Javkhlant soums in Selenge aimag, as well as Binder, Bayan-Adarga, and Umnudelger soums in Khentii aimag.


A. Amgalan, manager of the project for agricultural management and ensuring ecosystem stability, highlighted that the European Union's project focuses on climate change adaptation and the establishment and development of agroforestry. As part of the initial phase, a model agroforestry unit has been established.

The German international cooperation organization, GIZ, is currently involved in the implementation of the project. More specifically, she emphasized that GIZ is providing guidance on the appropriate management of natural forests and working on improving animal breed for ensuring the preservation of pastures in Selenge aimag.

Another significant undertaking being carried out in rural area is a research project aimed at safeguarding and restoring forest genetics. As part of this project, efforts are being made to propagate endangered Fir trees, which are included in the "Red Book," in Darkhan-Uul aimag.


Z. Oyuntuya, the director of "Domogt Shariin Gol" company in Darkhan-Uul Aimag, places significant emphasis on the pivotal role of Fir tree in mitigating climate change, safeguarding soil against various risks such as water, wind, erosion and other damages, and pests, as well as regulating water resources in rivers and streams. Furthermore, she stated, "Over the past four years, our company has been actively engaged in a comprehensive study of Mongolia's gene pool and local forests, as well as analyzing the structural composition and organic characteristics in collaboration with the International Cooperation and Development Organization of the Czech Republic."


She also stated that as part of the project, tree seeds are meticulously inoculated in the greenhouse, and fertilization is carried out in accordance with proper technological procedures, resulting in the production of tree seedlings with assured quality and more years of lifespan.


Václav Pecín, the project manager and researcher, provides valuable guidance to Mongolian forest experts regarding the crucial step of initial forest clearance for restoration purposes. Additionally, he actively implements forest protection management.

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