“Mongolia Today” Magazine Hits the Stands with its Freshly Reimaged New Issue

2023-05-02 10:23:28

Ulaanbaatar, May 2, 2023 /MONTSAME/We present to our Readers the first issue of 2023 of the freshly reimaged quarterly magazine “Mongolia Today,” published by MONTSAME Mongolian National News Agency.

Since 1956, “Mongolia Today” aims to promote Mongolia to the world, and thus the innovative release of the first issue includes QR codes for certain articles, allowing readers to view the content in a video format.

In this issue, our readers have access to numerous political and social articles. Under Social News, the detailed presentation of the "Food Revolution" program initiated by the President of Mongolia has made the headlines. Regarding politics, an official visit of Chairman of the State Great Khural of Mongolia G. Zandanshatar to Japan, an overview of Prime Minister of Mongolia L. Oyun-Erdene’s visit to South Korea and the issues resolved during his visit, and the “5W” program being implemented by the Government has also been signified under Political News.

In brief, articles, reports and interviews involving politics, economy, society, environment, foreign relations, art and sports are available to our valuable Readers.


Beginning with this issue, “Mongolia Today” magazine launches a series of lessons on the traditional Mongol script for our foreign readers. Starting in 2025, the state and local governing organizations will conduct official affairs in both Cyrillic and Mongol scripts.

In addition, loads of wonderful scriptures written in Mongol script are stored in the National Library of Mongolia. “Mongolia Today” presents the great intellectual heritage of Mongolia in a series including invaluable sutras and works of renowned poets, such as D. Natsagdorj,  Ch. Chimid and B. Yavuukhulan.

The name “Oyutolgoi” is now known to the world, not just Mongolia. The opening of the Oyutolgoi underground mine took place on March 13, 2023. According to projections, with its full capacity and production, Oyutolgoi will be the world's fourth-largest mine in the mining industry. As years pass, Oyutolgoi will be Mongolia’s nametag. Moreover, the project to establish a grass root oil refinery plant in Mongolia is ongoing, and it is set to open the plant in 2025. You can access the interview about the project’s progress in the new issue of the “Mongolia Today” magazine.


The Government of Mongolia considers the tourism sector to be a top priority and has launched a Program called "Years to Visit Mongolia" for the years 2023-2025. In regards to this Program, the “Eagle Festival,” “Blue Pearl” Ice Festival on Khuvsgul Lake and the "Nauryz Festival" of the Kazakhs have been implemented to boost winter tourism and attract not only domestic tourists but also foreigners to appreciate the rich culture.


The play “The Throne without a Seal” by State Prize Laureate, Renowned Poet Bavuugiin Lkhagvasuren will be staged at the London Coliseum in November to share the artistic and cultural intricacies of the Hunnu Empire with the world audience. You can read the interview with the main lead of the play, actor G.Erdenebileg, about his portrayal of Archug Khan as well the interview with the assistant director of the National Academic Drama Theatre E. Yondonsharav in “Mongolia Today” magazine.


As a kind reminder, the video format of featured articles in the new issue of “Mongolia Today” can be accessed by scanning the QR codes.