Four Government Bonds Fully Paid Off

2023-01-25 13:31:09

Ulaanbaatar, January 25 /MONTSAME/.  The Government of Mongolia has issued nine bonds on the international stock market so far, namely “Chinggis-18,” “Chinggis-22,” “Dim Sam,” “Mazaalai,” “Khuraldai,” “Gerege,” “Nomad,” “Century-1,” “Century-2”.


According to the Bank of Mongolia, four of the government’s bonds have been completely paid off, and the remaining bonds have been partially paid.


Mongolia has managed to arrange a considerable amount of debt repayment that is due in 2023 at the beginning of this year. Specifically, the Government of Mongolia and the State Bank have issued a “Сentury-2” bond and successfully raised USD 650 million from investors. It allowed the government to refinance “Gerege,” which had to be repaid this year, and “Khuraldai,” which is due next year.


Moreover, the Government of Mongolia fully paid off the remaining payment of USD 132.6 million “Mazaalai” bond on April 6, 2021, and the outstanding USD 60 million payment of USD 250 million received from Credit Suisse Bank on March 15, 2021.

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