AmCham Mongolia Doorknock 2022 concludes successfully in Ulaanbaatar

2022-06-28 13:41:20

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia (AmCham Mongolia) successfully hosted Doorknock 2022 on June 21-23, 2022, with foreign and domestic investors, organized in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar. The delegation met with representatives of the Government of Mongolia and top government agencies to exchange opinions and notes.

AmCham’s Doorknock is an annual event for Mongolian delegations to meet with policymakers to discuss investment, exchange opinions, and engage in dialogue. This year, the Doorknock was held in Mongolia instead of the United States for the first time. Over the course of three days, the delegation visited several key government bodies and officials, including the Office of the President, the Prime Minister's Cabinet, the Office of the Speaker of Parliament, Members of Parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Road and Transportation Development, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, as well as representatives of the Judicial General Council.

The meetings addressed vital issues facing the private sector, such as restoring and increasing investor confidence, improving the business environment, boosting the economy, eradicating bureaucracy, and legislative changes that need urgent attention to facilitate reforms. Every appointment was positively received and attended by representatives of AmCham member companies, including Badrakh Energy, Cummins, Melville & Erdenedalai LLP, MSM, Monpolymet, Rio Tinto, and the U.S. Embassy in Mongolia.

A summarized list of reformative actions, titled ‘3 Pillars for Positive Change’, was introduced and delivered, outlining the following key issues:

I.                Re-aligning toward a free-market economy driven by private-sector entrepreneurs and enterprises

II.                  Reforming the business and investment environment

III.                Prioritizing greater commerce and trade integration with the U.S. and third neighbors


The government agencies that met with the Doorknock delegation welcomed the document and its attention to priority issues.

AmCham is committed to continuing its dialogue with all stakeholders to improve the investment climate in Mongolia.



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