Portraits of Mongolian queen consorts on display

Art & Culture
2022-01-19 16:47:08

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. The National Library of Mongolia and National Central Library of Taiwan are jointly organizing an exhibition titled ‘Treasures from Taiwan’ for the second time.

Original portraits of Mongolia’s eight great Khaans and 13 queen consorts are being preserved at the National Palace Museum of Taiwan. The exhibition ‘Treasures from Taiwan’ is featuring the portraits of eight Mongolian Khaans and eight queen consorts.

“The portraits are said to be model portraits that were sent to the parts of the Great Mongol Empire. Thus, these are believed to be the real images of the great khaans and queens, and are considered the important research tool to learn about the hairstyles, clothing, hats and earrings of the aristocracy of that time,” highlighted B. Ichinkhorloo, Director of the National Library of Mongolia.

Looking at the portraits of queens, first of all, their eyebrows are attention-grabbing. Scholars say that the queens of that time shaved their eyebrows and painted in one form. In the portraits, the queen consorts, who lived in the XIII-XIV centuries, were depicted in red hats with almost identical ornaments. The deels, traditional outfit, are seen to usually have a wide black trim on which yellow patterns were sewn, paralleling with two narrow yellowish lines, which can be considered as an expression of the order and culture of the queen's clothing and accessories of that time.

The National Palace Museum of Taiwan is world-renown with its centuries-old collection of artifacts and artworks, including literary monuments and artifacts related to Mongolian culture and history.

The exhibition is open to the public until January 29.


 Queen of Setsen Khaan

Queen Nakhan 

Queen of Ulziit Khaan

Queen of Khuleg Khaan