Forum takes place on development of Ulaanbaatar city

2021-12-02 14:13:39

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On December 1, a forum took place under the theme, ‘Ulaanbaatar: Development Prospects’. 


Governor of the Capital City, Mayor of Ulaanbaatar D.Sumiyabazar gave opening remarks at the forum, “In the past year, we aimed to resolve issues that accumulated over the years through a comprehensive policy by cooperating with the State Great Khural, the Government, and the Citizens’ Representative Khural of the Capital City for the development of Ulaanbaatar city. Through the forum, we aim to discuss possible solutions that could be effectively implemented in a short amount of time based on participation and partnership as well as to have them realized.”


“The Law on Administrative and Territorial Units and their Governance was amended by the parliament after 27 years. With this, it becomes possible for Ulaanbaatar city to resolve many of the issues that have accumulated over the past 30 years.”


Regarding the city’s development vision for 2040, “In the capital city, the population will increase up to over 2 million, with households amounting to 667 thousand. With two city centers, and 5 subcenters, there will be 84 new schools and 425 new kindergartens. By constructing 1,738.8 km of autoroads, 30 bridges and overpasses, and 9 underpasses, it is planned to increase the average speed of traffic during peak hours to 22.5 km/h,” highlighted Mayor D.Sumiyabazar.

MP, Head of the Temporary committee in charge of Ulaanbaatar city development policy E.Bat-Amgalan said, “In order to bring an end to the capital city’s many pressing issues, a temporary committee has been established with 26 members. The committee will provide support and cooperate in resolving socio-economic issues such as urban planning, traffic congestion, and environmental safety on a policy level.”


The capital city’s current population is 1.5 million, which is three times greater than the city’s population 30 years ago. In connection with the number of residents, 64.2 percent of the country’s total working age population and 69.2 percent of registered entities and organizations are based in Ulaanbaatar city.

During the forum, the city officials made presentations and held discussions on topics including ways to increase foreign investment, improve the city’s economic capacity, create opportunities for public-private partnership, and increase the amount of large-scale international projects and programs being implemented in Ulaanbaatar. 


At the invitation of the Capital City Governor, the forum was attended by members of the temporary committee in charge of Ulaanbaatar city development policy, ambassadors, representatives of international organizations, and representatives of the Citizens’ Representative Khural of the Capital City.