Role of MONTSAME News Agency in Mongolian journalism emphasized

2021-11-24 17:32:07

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of MONTSAME News Agency, scientific conference on ‘The establishment of the national news agency in Mongolia: the current state and future trends of global news agencies’ was organized on November 22.

The scholars and researchers who attended the conference emphasized significant role of MONTSAME News Agency in the development of journalism in Mongolia, specially forming free democratic press and capacity building of professional journalists.

"MONTSAME is the news agency, which had declared Mongolia’s independence worldwide. In the spring of 1921, MONTSAME launched its operation, delivering its very first news in the midst of critical period when Mongolia was to settle whether the country would become independent or remain under foreign rule. The day MONTSAME delivered its first news was the day of 18 March, when Mongolian army liberated Kyakhta city, thus declaring the first historic victory.


We are marking the 100th anniversary of the establishment our agency in a difficult situation, posed by the pandemic that has affected worldwide, causing to restrict public movement, and close countries' borders. Despite the situation, we have published two volumes of book titled ‘Voice of Mongolia’ compiling selected works of more than 150 journalists, translators and columnists of   generations. We believe that this will be a valuable contribution to the creation of archives needed by next generations of journalists, sociologists, and citizens. Currently we are working to publish a photo album comprised of works of MONTSAME agency photographers" noted Director-General of MONTSAME News Agency, Honored Cultural Figure of Mongolia, Journalist Ganchimeg Badamdorj in her opening speech.

‘’The past 100 years of MONTSAME’S history has paved the long way for foundation and development of a national news agency in Mongolia. Our agency fully meets the requirements of national news agency The agency has been the most reliable and prompt news source to provide latest news on Mongolia to the world and international news to the Mongolians in addition to  promoting the country abroad.

Since 1957, a particular focus has been put on promoting the country abroad, delivering news about the country not only in Mongolian but also in English, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. It is clear that the current development and future trends of MONTSAME will be based on the promotion of Mongolia to the world. MONTSAME News Agency is the official information source of Mongolia, and media organization with the largest network, having reporters in 21 aimags, Moscow, Russia, and Beijing, China, said MONTSAME agency Deputy Director and doctorate of the National University of Mongolia Sh.Batbold during his presentation on The establishment and development of the national news agency in Mongolia and today's MONTSAME’.