Consultation meeting on “Intensifying economic recovery amid pandemic” starts

2021-09-13 17:06:37

Ulaanbaatar / MONTSAME /. A consultative meeting between the government, the private sector and investors on ‘Intensifying economic recovery amid the pandemic’ initiated by the President of Mongolia has started today in the State House.

At the beginning of the meeting, President of Mongolia U.Khurelsukh highlighted that the vaccination remains the only way to prevent coronavirus infections, while underlining that the cooperation between public and private sector is becoming more important than ever in overcoming the pandemic with minimum damage. He, furthermore, underscored the successful implementation of measure to exempt every household in Mongolia from electricity, water, and waste bills, and ‘MNT 10 trillion Comprehensive Plan for Health Protection and Economic Recovery’ being undertaken by the Government, which is an important policy to support citizens and entities.


President U.Khurelsukh emphasized the necessity of further increasing citizen’s income, restricting the increase in commodity prices, restoring export, and intensifying the construction projects and programs.

Creating the legal environment for intensifying the economic recovery, transitioning from welfare to labor, extraction to processing, and from import to export are important. Let us set a goal to eradicate extreme poverty as 30 percent of Mongolia's population remains poor. In order to achieve this goal, government should take measures of supporting wealth creators, entrepreneurs and investors, aside from protecting them from possible risk. Regarding the matter, we will listen how state policies are affecting businesses and investors, and determine solutions on how we can work together in the future," said U.Khurelsukh.