Chinese Ambassador expresses support for works to bring cross-border transport and logistics to a new level

2021-09-13 13:30:40

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On September 10, CEO of ‘Erdenes Mongol’ LLC D.Khayankhyarvaa held a meeting with Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Mongolia Chai Wenrui.

During the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations and cooperation, and exchanged views on some projects being implemented by Erdenes Mongol LLC for the development of the mining sector and increasing the capacity of border checkpoints.

Ambassador Chai Wenrui highlighted the mining sector’s importance in further developing bilateral economic cooperation, and noted how Chinese public and private entities are paying special attention to increasing economic contribution alongside economic growth.

The Erdenes Mongol CEO introduced the progress of the construction projects for the 5,280MW Shivee-Ovoo power plant and the 200MW power plant based at the Shivee-Ovoo coal deposit as well as the works being carried out to export coal to China, and requested support from the Ambassador. Moreover, he also expressed interest in cooperating in a geological exploration project to increase coal resources.

In turn, the Chinese Ambassador expressed that he will support the Shivee-Ovoo-based energy export project by accelerating cooperation and serving as a “bridge” to connect investors. He also expressed his confidence in further development of the energy sector of Mongolia as well as the creation of more new business opportunities as an experienced, large-scale company of China is cooperating in the 5,280MW power plant project. 

As for the construction project for the railroad in route Nariinsukhait - Shiveekhuren, both sides agreed that its implementation has several advantages such as increase of capacity at border checkpoints, and reduction of negative environmental impact, alongside increased export of coal and mining products of Mongolia. Erdenes Mongol CEO D.Khayankhyarvaa noted that the company is paying attention to accelerating works and introducing certain matters such as the 47-km railroad construction in route Nariinsukhait - Shiveekhuren, carrying out studies on developing transportation of export products through air and containers, and introduce suggestions for creating the appropriate legal environment to the corresponding ministries and the Government.

Ambassador Chai Wenrui expressed readiness to comprehensively cooperate in developing bilateral economic cooperation, and especially bringing cross-border transport and logistics to a new level.