KOPIA Mongolia Center Director presented with Foremost Agricultural Worker award

Economy | Agriculture
2021-06-11 16:52:09

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On June 11, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry acknowledged Dr. Man Young Choi, director of Korea Program on International Agriculture (KOPIA) Mongolia Center by bestowing him with the Foremost Agricultural Worker award.


Dr. Choi is an agricultural expert, and has been serving for agricultural technology development and research in Mongolia since January 1, 2018. He was appointed as a third director for KOPIA Mongolia Center by the Rural Development Administration (RDA) of the Government of the Republic of Korea, following his career as an entomologist at RDA for 31 years.


During his service, he has made many fruitful contributions introducing agricultural practices that were developed in Korea into Mongolia through KOPIA projects aimed at developing Mongolia’s agricultural sector in the framework of the comprehensive partnership between Mongolia and the Republic of Korea, and intergovernmental cooperation. 


Among many of his works over the course of three years, the project on wheat farming – particularly involving the seed production enhancement and dissemination of superior wheat varieties to farmers, made a remarkable contribution in improving the seed supply framework of Mongolia. Quality seed use of wheat growers reached 40% in 2020, which was previously 9% before the launch of the project.

His service also includes expending seed production and dissemination of adapted wheat varieties in Mongolia, seed production and distribution of perennial fodder crops adaptable for the country, the development of improved feeding technology for rearing young cattle for meat, and the distribution of promising Korean varieties of onion and implementation of cultivation technologies, which is being followed by a 2nd-stage project, ‘Farm Demonstration on Promising Varieties of Onion and Mini-Tomato’. Upon receiving the award, Dr. Choi said, “I feel very privileged, and this is the greatest honor I have ever had. I will continue to do my best as far as I can.”