Beaver gives birth to quintuplets at Beaver Breeding Center

2021-05-13 14:10:34

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ One of 44 beavers inhabiting in Beaver Breeding Center at the Environmental Department of the Capital City, gave birth to quintuplets on May 10, the first case in Mongolia.

Furthermore, out of eight beaver families, another two beavers have quadruplets. “This is a very rare case and the result of favorable food and good living condition,” said T. Ganzorig, a beaver herder.

Newborns weigh around 540-670 grams on average while the quintuplets weigh 540-570 grams. The beaver is a naturally clean creature and it creates its own habitat. The beavers are being fed six times a day with nutritious foods such as apple, carrot, sweet beet and wheat based on a study by the Institute of Biology.

Since 2012, Mongolia started relocating beavers in aims of restoring ecological conditions of Tuul river basin. So far, 57 beavers have been re-introduced in headstream of Tuul River and its affluent – Zaan and Terelj rivers.

The beaver maintains ecological balance of its habitat by increasing water levels of the river and is of great significance to promote biodiversity. When 100-150 beaver families inhabit, they grow and reproduce naturally.  

Further, we aim to establish the Ecology Center on 30 hectares of areas, expanding activity of the Beaver Breeding Center, noted M.Nyambayar, Head of the Environmental Department of the Capital City.


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