Project launches to introduce sustainable business models in Mongolian media

2021-05-10 14:35:37

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Nest Center for Journalism Innovation and Development NGO together with People in Need Mongolia is launching a short term project to introduce new, sustainable business models in Mongolian media with support from Spirit of America and the US Embassy, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

“Steppe-ing forward: Expanding Press Freedom through Sustainable Media Start-ups” is aimed at sharing international best practices in the media through capacity building activities and financing up to three local startup projects. Project implementers hope to create a business centric media ecosystem in Mongolia, ultimately introducing a number of sustainable and innovative business models.

Economic independence is key to guaranteeing freedom of press. Unfortunately, we are witnessing that the ad-revenue-dependent business model, commonly used in Mongolia is losing potential, especially in the digital news era. At the same time, we are seeing many Asian developing nations benefit from non-traditional media business models thus supporting the freedom of media.

Nest Center for Journalism Innovation and Development NGO and People in Need Mongolia are aiming to enhance Mongolia’s media entrepreneurship and by doing so to help news and media consumers benefit from stronger and more resilient media. The project will be carried out through the year covering a number of different stages.

“Economic independence is essential to a free and independent professional media sector, and a flourishing democracy depends on the public’s access to free, fair and responsible news and information. The U.S. Embassy is proud to support press freedom in Mongolia and I am delighted that People in Need Mongolia and the Nest Center have joined forces to help the media sector become more sustainable through innovation,” said Ambassador Michael Klecheski.  

CEO of Spirit of America Jim Hake noted that a free press plays a crucial role in protecting the prosperity and resiliency of democracies. Spirit of America is proud to work with the U.S. Embassy Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, the Nest Center for Journalism Innovation and Development NGO, People in Need Mongolia in supporting sustainable, diverse and independent media in Mongolia.

source: Nest Center for Journalism Innovation and Development 

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