Vernon woman goes on 700 km horseback ride for Mongolian charity

2020-10-16 15:26:10

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Today is the last day of Gobi Gallop Solo Challenge. Gobi Gallop is an annual charity horseback ride hosted by Veloo Foundation. In the wake off its 8th year, "Gobi Gallop 2020" was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The impact of pandemic crippled ther fundraising opportunities and activities. Therefore founder and Vice-President of Veloo Foundation Julie Veloo has decided to try to fundraise the same amount as the group "Gobi Gallop" and she has ridden 700 kilometers through Mongolia.  

Veloo has been dedicated to changing the lives of displaced herdsmen and their children, who are forced to scavenge through the garbage dumps to survive. The Veloo Foundation runs The Children of the Peak Sanctuary Project in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. “Now we have two kindergartens and we have over 300 kids off of the garbage dump and being fed, cared for and educated,” said Veloo. “We also have a summer camp for 300 children and we have a community library.” In years past, the Gobi Gallop was a grand event attracting riders from around the world and raising upwards of USD 50,000 a year for the foundation. 

As of the 8th day of the ride she has raised USD 12 thousand. Veloo has kept everyone up to date on her nine-day ride on their Facebook page

source:  Veloo Foundation;  Globalnews