E-Visa website provided 7000 users with public services

2020-09-25 11:24:59

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In order to make public services convenient to the citizens, Mongolia Immigration Agency is providing visa permit, residence permit extension, and visa duration extension services via https://evisa.mn.

Since the service was launched in May 2019, it has provided approximately 7000 foreign nationals from 11 countries with 10 different types of public services. For instance, the service has provided business classification multiple type visa permit to 2000 citizens, tourist type visa-on-arrival visa permit to 2100 citizens, student type visa permit to 800 citizens and also has extended the duration of the residence permit of around 350 employees and foreign investors.

Now people may use the internet from any given area to apply for public services. To use online services please register on https://evisa.mn website and follow the instructions provided to submit the necessary documents for the applicable service. Applications submitted online shall be processed in 3 business days and will be given proper decisions via e-mail and SMS.

Before the establishment of online services, customers were required to visit Mongolia Immigration Agency 2-3 times to submit and receive visa services. As of now, customers can receive their response without having to come to the Agency, which is important to save time and money.  

Mongolia Immigration Agency is gradually using technological advances to bring public services closer to the people and simplify them.

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