Improvement of coherence between UB City, sectoral ministries discussed

2020-08-10 16:32:37

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On August 6, some parliament and cabinet members held a meeting with officials from Ulaanbaatar City Municipality, exchanging opinions on improving coherence between activities undertaken by the capital city and government organizations in various sectors. 

At the meeting, MP D.Sumiyabazar said that the capital city has set a goal to reduce air pollution by up to 80 percent, advancing its previous achievement. Enhanced coherence and closer cooperation of the Ulaanbaatar city administration with the Parliament and the Cabinet is essential for solving a number of issues encountered in the city, such as traffic congestion, necessity of a wastewater treatment plant, improvement of road quality and standards, and the need for favorable living conditions.

Minister of Road and Transport Development L.Khaltar underlined the importance of developing new routes in public transport services in connection with the upcoming commissioning of a new airport, as well as making the feasibility study on auto roads connecting the satellite cities around Ulaanbaatar city coherent with Bogdkhan railway project, which will be built in the coming years. In addition, Minister of Construction and Urban Development B.Munkhbaatar highlighted the importance of diversification of cities with well-arranged, complex engineering pipelines. 

In response to the proposals and suggestions made by parliament and cabinet members, Acting Governor of the Capital City J.Batbayasgalan said “46.7 percent of Mongolia’s total population resides in Ulaanbaatar city, and 54.5 percent of all them are living in Ger dwelling areas. Therefore, we will strive to reduce the city’s air pollution by 80 percent in the coming winter with the help of the second factory for refined coal briquettes, which substitute raw coal consumption in the city.” 

He continued “In addition to six sub centers that will be put into operation in the next four years in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank, satellite cities will be developed and a “150,000 household apartment” national project will be carried out.  Targets on building “New Zuunmod”, “Aerocity” and “Maidar” satellite cities and developing secluded districts of Ulaanbaatar city as diversified and independent cities has been outlined in “Golden Circle of Development” policy document.”

“Greater attention will be paid on the construction of new wastewater treatment plant, auto road renovation and an increase of rainwater drainage system. An important task is awaiting to adopt the General Development Plan of the Capital City within the Government Action Program for 2020-2024. And we will work to improve coherence with the sectorial ministries on these matters,” noted Acting Governor J.Batbayasagalan at the meeting. 

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