Income and assets of election candidates disclosed for public review

2020-06-03 13:28:44

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The General Election Commission yesterday announced that 485 candidates from 13 political parties and 4 coalitions and 121 independent candidates are running for the 2020 parliamentary election. 

In compliance with Laws on Elections and Anti-Corruption, all 606 confirmed candidates had submitted their declarations of income and assets to the Independent Authority Against Corruption of Mongolia (IAAC), which published the summary of each declaration on its website  on June 2, yesterday. 

During the previous legislative elections, candidates were required to declare their income and assets to the election committee in their constituencies, and declaration summary of only elected parliament members were disclosed to the public by the IAAC after the elections. 

Now, changes made in the above-mentioned laws in December 2019 require all election candidates to submit their income and asset declarations to the IAAC online at, and after going under the IAAC inspection, each summary of the declarations has been unveiled to the public. 

This step allows voters to review the declarations of the candidates in their districts prior to the election day, and make comparison of their income and assets once they are elected.